Mammals - Africaraw

Etosha National Park

As the sun sets Cape fox cubs (Vulpes chama), play wildly & perform for their mother near their den. Leeuwdril, Kgalagadi transfrontier park, South Africa,
Biology Note:- Cape fox has a gestation period of 51 to 53 days, and she gives birth to a litter size of one to six cubs (or kits). They are omniverous, prefering invertebrates and small mammals e.g. rodents. But they also eat reptiles, rabbits, spiders, birds, and young hares. They will also eat eggs, beetle larvea, and carrion, as well as most insects or fruits.

Cape fox Vulpes chamaKgalagadi transfrontier parkLeeuwdrilSouth AfricacubsunsetNossob river