AfricaRAW is a wildlife photography site.

The title reflects the rawness of Africa as well as the fact we photograph in the RAW digital format. It shows our pictures of mammals, birds, reptiles, & landscapes taken in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, & Tanzania. We also have pages with advice on photography, travel, & 4WD. These we will slowly fill with tips extracted from our experiences in Africa. We hope the photographs inspire, and the tips help other African travelers & especially "old age adventurers" who are contemplating wildlife photographic safaris in Africa after retiring.

Our wildlife photographic galleries from our 3-4 month self drive photographic safaris to game parks in SA, Namibia, & Botswana from 2012 to 2016 are complete.

We were unable to  visit Africa in 2017. But have just completed a wonderful photosafari in 2018. We visited SA from April to June In 2018 travelling as always in our 4x4  Landcruiser 76 station wagon, with roof top tent.  We spent a wonderful month in the Kruger national Park travelling from the Southern camps e.g. Pretorius Kop to  Punda Maria in the north.  We had our best leopard sightings, including cubs with mother in a tree and  also a leopard with impala kill escaping from wild dogs up a tree but later having to dash down when a large troop of baboons came along later

We were then heading to Etosha in Namibia when car troubles began.   While crossing Botswana via the Trans Kalahari Highway to reach Namibia the car began to "whine"  and 50Km later the gears blocked in 5th gear. Luckily this occurred  on the outskirts small town. A super man JJ Swart & his colleague stopped and helped us reach a motel. From there I phoned our extremely efficient "CrossCountry"  car insurance company in SA who arranged for the car to be towed back to our Toyota dealer at Four ways in Johannesburg. We were provided with a car for 3 days for the drive back.  As usual we had great service from Toyota but the gear box required replacement. This took time and so we had to cancel the Etosha leg of our trip.  We were still able to visit the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park for 10 days and again had amazing photo opportunities. We had a good opportunity to photograph a cheetah coalition, & Marianne had great action pictures of birds e.g. hunting crows

 It is now January 2019 & we have almost completed posting  the portfolio of our     "2018 photographic safari" .

Cheetah leaps 2