Black & White - Africaraw

Etosha National Park

It was a "rumble in the jungle!. Two black rhinoceroses (Diceros bicornis bicornis), had an hour long fight, in the water and on the rocks of Moringa waterhole, Halali camp, Etosha National Park, Namibia. At around 2am I awoke in our roof top tent to loud strange roaring coming from the direction of Moringa waterhole. I was worried about going to take photos as I thought the animal making this terrible noise could be on the now deserted viewing point on the rocks above the waterhole. I was relieved to find a watchman at the entry steps, and we both carefully went up the walkway. These two black rhinoceroses(Diceros bicornis), were having a ferocious battle with the one on the right repeatedly attacking, launching himself like a giant battleship. After an hour he peacefully went off.

Etosha National ParkHalali campMoringa waterholeNamibiablack rhinoceros Diceros bicornis bicornisfight